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arrogant characters

arrogant characters refusing to admit they care about people

arrogant characters not realizing they care about people

arrogant characters realizing they care about someone after something terrible happens to them

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Jams to anime openings


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i get frustrated when i dont get a joke that has like 200k notes like what is it that 200,000 people understand that i dont 

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Oh, wait, you said ”SEND NUDES”? I thought you said “SEND NUKES” hahaha whoops uh i guess you should evacuate your city or something

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Hey guys, hope your skin is clear and you get a text from someone you like real soon.

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Reblog if you are legitimately shocked by the number of followers you have.

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I know more about gay sex than straight sex


Thank you fanfics, at least now I know what I could do if I had a dick

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